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Refugee Relief handstamps, improved navigation

Here is a quick page on a batch of Indian ‘Bazaar cards' I have uncovered. 

I am gradually uploading examples of the Malayalam postmarks of Travancore, my favourite Indian state. Please get in touch you would like to know more about these stamps. 

Hungary, the first Charity Stamps,  is a tiny look at what I find is a fascinating country, brought to us anew by the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the invention of Google Translate! 

Album Weeds, the title of a famous philatelic classic, which was published by Stanley Gibbons back in 1882, is the name I have chosen for my bad stuff. Things that the collector should be aware have been made to initiate the genuine, usually to make more money out of that collector. 

Today I show a fascinating reprint of the India lithographed Four Annas.

 Kotah State. So far, just some of the Court Fee stamps, which give a great chance for someone wanting to study and find new varieties in an area where material is still around and affordable. Some thinking about printing, from an amateur. They are gone into more using a document from the Jhalawar Court Fee Stamps of the 1940’s

Lettersheets - Service of Prisoners of War. Here is a further step in to the mass of postal stationery material that has beached on my shore over the years.

Gwalior Registration Number Slips, a first and tiny look at my material from this state. Gwalior is the Indian State to collect if you want to learn more about the Imperial Post Office’s way of doing things, but like to focus on a bit of India that uses a relatively easy writing system. The State signed a Convention with the British in 1885 that entitled it to run its own postal system, so long as the Imperial Posts could cross its territory. Gwalior, in return, could get its mail, at no extra cost, into the Imperial postal system that covered the rest of India. The State itself covered a number of tracts that spread across central and western India, so its residents had long needed secure postal routes across the myriad state boundaries, during historic political turbulence. 

A Jaipur specialist has shared an interesting card from this Indian State, see A peep at later years, in my India Lounge.

Matchbox Labels - a look at India’s vigorous graphic art

Lettersheets - Service of Prisoners of War

Alwar State

Cochin State, organising the postage stamps

Tramways of Cochin

Gwalior Registration Labels

Jaipur State Postcards, replacing the British Product, 1905-1912

Jhalawar’s Giant Court Fee Stamps

Court Fee Stamps of the 1940s

Kotah State

Raj Khatoli

Mechanised Mail