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Where Mother and Father, Jane and John on their treks and travels exchanged pleasantries and ideas, they sit now for hours side by side, often shoulder to shoulder, scarcely exchanging a glance. Fuck you, you piece-of-shit scumbag motherfucker asshole scumbag scumbag piece of shit little fucking asshole retard hard-on prickfuck scumbag shitface. We chose to keep our child at home an extra year even though she was very bright and more than ready to start school. Pia Saramo November 6, at pm I absolutely your concern. Is this the American culture the Greatest Generation had in mind when they stormed the beaches at Normandy?

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Most definitely, as your own experience clearly shows. If I promise to do the whole routine for them as I enter the plane, can I be exempted from the safety exhibition? Christ Jesus lives today. March 16, at am. David Dougherty November 11, at pm. He will have many years ahead of him to impress everyone with his academic prowess but he will only have this small window of opportunity to learn through play and natural experimentation and to value and get along with children his own age. It feels like a dentist drilling a tooth!

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Clair October 22, at pm I think what i see Tim is by the time these children are at the age to start more pencil paper task they excel in their work. Bung September 6, at pm. He also served in the Navy. We need to go back to a regular book and mastering one way of doing a problem before going on to the next. Kindergarten is a playground and a platform for the children to develop and grow through playing, integrating and also simple learning through story telling and visiting of places like museum, planetarium etc. Far more indeed than the automobile it is tending to destroy it.
March 16, at am. We started homeschooling because our daughter was miserable doing all the repetitive school work 7 hours and homework 2 hours in first grade in the USA on top of all the testing and no play. Unhappily however television cannot be said to have re-established home life. I was, however, hearing a lot of pre-literacy instruction sprinkled throughout the morning—clapping out syllables and rhyming in Morning Circle, for example. The odder the name, the more ridicule the boy is likely to encounter in life. Most definitely, as your own experience clearly shows. Childhood is priceless and should not be taken from anxious mum.
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