Canadian Air Training Camp
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I have always collected Canada and managed to hang on to its stamps through life's challenges. I shall just need to set up pages for the few items of the last 20 years. Sorting these out, I notice that the dates found on nearly any modern stamp, which help the collector get organised, are not to be seen. Or am I missing something? Look closely at any engraved Canadian design and you will find a date, but it's secret! Isn't this just the joy of collecting, sharing a secret with the designer?

Ram Tank


These fine engravings, which reassured us in Britain that we were not alone in the early forties, are a good start in searching for secret dates. The 6c and 13c stamps were replaced within a year, but which year? The dates provide the answer. 

Canada collectors have plenty to find as well as the stamps. The postmarks 

are fascinating.

Here is a seasonal cover, but what can it mean?

Gannet Spring Slogan