10 - As Type 4, Surcharged

Some of these denominations from the Type 4 issue were little used and were surcharged to save reprinting the frequently used anna values. I am showing what I have, with the help of David Padgham, who with the late Bob Bateman, researched and organised these issues when they first turned up in the trash accumulated by a waste-paper merchant of Sangrur, Jhind State who had been clearing out the old State Treasuries. Paper was a shortage item in the India of the 1970s; anything with a bit of space on it could be used again, anything else would be sorted and pulped. Living and office spaces were also shortage items, as they always are!
All the dates I can see are 1941.

2 annas on Rs. 8

2 annas on Rs. 9

4 annas on Rs. 7

4 annas on Rs. 8

8 annas on Rs. 6