2 - Complete redraw

Umed Singh 6

Dated 12-4-1919. Click to enlarge.

The next issue is a superb piece of work. It is completely redrawn perhaps by a different printer, in that only the specification, and not the actual die has been copied. We have a very fine full face portrait with the quality of an intaglio process. Examples of the 2 anna value are found on highly surfaced art paper, which allows a very crisp impression. I can find no impression in the surface of the paper such as one must find in lettterpressed stamps. But I am advised that lithography of this quality was not available at the time in India. Comments please! 

type 2

Later printings of this design, in duller shades of blue, show a poorer print quality. The example below has a marginal rule above the design, which reminds the philatelist of a Jubilee line, a continuous marginal line that was the print impact of a strip of printing furniture that was often used to protect the edge of the letterpress plate. It was so-called because the first time its use was noticed was on the Victorian Golden Jubilee issue of the UK. However, this line is not continuous and does not surround the printed sheet. The design shows none of the heavy edge to each line that is characteristic of a print applied under great pressure, and lots of tiny flaws that characterise planographic printing from a transfer. 

Umed Singh 9

23-2-23, on a sheet of paper stamped with the State Arms for the Court. The marginal line and wide left hand margin indicate this is the first position on the sheet.

I have examples of Two Four and Eight Anna values for this issue, as above, dated around 1923, which show a lot of wear. 

Here is a nice variety, of which I have seen on two examples on the 2 As, showing a bridge of colour by the value panel on an otherwise perfect plate.

I have two other varieties which are not duplicated: a complete failure to print the top left corner of the stamp and perhaps of the sheet,

and a clear frame break under the inscription, both on copies of the 2 As. 

Printers quotes 5

All these varieties are characteristic of lithographic printing.