4 - Screened design, plugged value panels

Very soon, this issue was adapted to produce a wider range of values. This was achieved by clearing the value inscriptions and numerals, and inserting plugs for this far wider range of denominations. We can be certain that these are inserted plugs as there is often damage to the surrounding plate. See this image, from a neighbouring Court. They are at first in an ugly sans-serif font which is perhaps an attempt to look modern.

Koeppel and Manners record 11 values up to 20 Rupees in their type 10, but I haven’t seen them all. 

scan 10

This is an item of hidden interest. Click to enlarge. The bold words below the arms, (of which more perhaps on another day), spell out '“Our Day” Kotah’. ‘Our Day’ was, from the previous year, a special day devoted to raising money for the sick and wounded from the Great War in Europe. I show a half anna fundraising label to explain. It ee

India was involved in sending troops to the Middle East and the Western front. Here was a chance to support them. 

8 Rs Screened issue 3
8 Rs Screened issue 1

Six Rs 12 and one Rs 8, of 23rd May, 1933