No serifs to numeral


Morena, 28 April 1913. This is a very early slip, and it is handstamped in red with the Office name. Morena was only listed as a sub-Post Office in 1908, and thus not entitled to have its own printed name slip. In 1911 it was using a Number Slip . The old boxed handstamp, which marked registered items in the first years of the postal service provided under the 1885 Convention with Britain, can be seen in the top left-hand corner. 

Documents 16

Mandsaur, 8 March 1917

Documents 18

Ujjain, 28 July 1917, no namestamp, and the number on the slip has been clarified by the postal clerk

Gwalior registration labels 8de20

Ujjain, 8 December 1920, note the snake namestamp design

Gwalior registration labels 3se21

Ujjain, 3 September 1921, again no namestamp, the number has been altered, or a digit struck out.

Lashkar, 14 December 1922,
no namestamp, and the slip has been renumbered by the postal clerk

Lashkar G.P.O., in fancy lettering, from a 1922 postal stationery envelope, click image to enlarge