Unseriffed numerals, from 1915


Shivpuri, here shown with a pre-applied handstamp ‘SIPRI CITY’, 26 February 1915. Compare Morena handstamp

Gwalior registration labels 6

Chanderi, note ‘R’ in namestamp, 8 December 1915. Delivered at Adyar, Madras State

Gwalior registration labels 12jl16

Ruthiyal, 12 July 1916, another early date, showing the ‘R’ namestamp still in use.
This Office was listed by the State Posts as a Sub-Office in the Guna Division, and spelt ‘Ruthyal’. Later, it was given PIN 473110 ‘Ruthiyari’. It is presumably at the Railway Station on the Kota to Bhopal line, just southwest of Guna, known now as Ruthiyal.

Mandsaur, April 1917

Gwalior registration labels 14oc20

Shivpuri, 14 October 1920

Gwalior registration labels 20no20

Kalapipal, 20 November 1920

Gwalior registration labels 18ma21

Pachhar, [now Ashoknagar], 18 March 1921

Motimahal, 15 June 1921

Bercha, 20 February 1922

Mandsaur, 27 February 1921

Mandsaur [new namestamp], 27 April 1921, on an Edwardian business-size postal stationery envelope

Bhensoda Mandi, 6 February 1922

Daulatganj, [the wealthy marketplace], Ujjain, 12 September 1922

Gangapur, 12 January 1923

Mandsaur, 25 January 1923

Gangapur, 27 June 1924, on an Edwardian business-size postal stationery envelope

Gwalior registration labels 14au27

Ujjain, 14 August 1927