Dumb Labels

Ernie Oehme further wrote, in Query 17/84, India Post 81, p99,

‘Behind the innocuous face of these Registration No. slips printed in brilliant blue ink on white paper lay some important facets of postal working …. These forms formed part of the stock of postal stationery forms (not postage stationery) of Printed Standard Forms of the P & T Dept. of India. 
Form No. 39 was printed with the name of the office of posting. Those for use in Delivery Offices were allotted the serial No. 1 to 1000. 
Form 39a, printed without the name of the office of posting,  for use in "No Delivery" offices, were allotted serial Nos. 1 to 200. 

We shall call these the Dumb Labels, and sort the tall ‘R’s from the wide ‘R’s. All the ordering is by date, within each type.