265741 - Nadia


265wboc4 Mu

Murshidabad 14 January 1972

265wboc4 m2

This is a slightly narrower setting similar to the c5 size settings found on the publicly used stamps from Nadia District  shown below. The two lines are aligned to the left. 

Murshidabad 14 January 1972


265wbc5 Nadia

Registered mail at or near Krishnanagar, 24 December 1971

Examples from Purulia, west of Nadia District show the lines aligned centrally. 

265wboc4 Purulia

4 January 1972

265wboc4 Pur

This type I have not found outside Nadia District. Small letters, uneven setting and spacing. 

265wbc5 Nadia -2

Somewhere in Nadia District, March 1973, the last month of the tax.