265700  - Kolkata

Descriptions such as ‘B5’ refer to the philatelists’ Thirkell gauge, which positions and measures using a grid of 3mm squares. Thus B5 box is over 3mm but under 6 mm deep, and over 12 but under 15mm wide. 


This handstamp differs from similar size type of Medinipur in that the letters are wider spaced. Most examples seen are from the start of the period, and the cover below might have been prepared well before the date of use. 


HATKHOLA/CALCUTTA/ 16 NOV 71 on an inland letter

with meter mark, 17 III 73 on an inland letter



A distinctive variation with widely spaced letters, sorted on Railway Mail from Kolkata


Found on the Service mail of Kolkata in the starting weeks of the tax. 


C6 - square ‘G’

Always found on the Family Planning stamp, usually added to the postal stationery envelope. 

Inverted strike

R.C.Batia reports,
'These stamps were purchased by me personally from Howrah Station Post Office. I don't have used examples but certainly they should exist.' 
The interest in this item, which, unlike so much of the unused material that comes to market, has a provenance and is recognisably the same handstamp as my used examples, is that the overprints appear to be set in a large block, or a row, which is at least the size of the part-sheet that I show. They are not individual handstamps, but the whole block or row of stereos may have been stamped on to the sheet of stamps by hand. 
The angle of strike alters slightly row by row, so I think the operation was done a row at a time.

This would have been a time-saver to the postal staff, and a new area of research for the philatelist!


AMHERST STREET /CALCUTTA/9 12 71 [now Raja Rammohan Sarani]

265wbc6 2