255 - Capitals, no serifs

My Refugee Relief436

255383 - Himatnagar

255767 - Balangir


255784 - Tezpur

Udalguri, Darrang District (Head Office Tezpur), 30-8-72. A single record.


255823 - Gaya, 29-4-72

Back of commercial registered mail from Purani Godam, Gaya to Chennai, 20-4-72

255832 - Ghatsila

In 1972 the Indian Copper Corporation Limited, a Private Sector Company, located at Ghatsila, Jharkhand with smelter and refinery was nationalised. 

This handstamp which very clearly was impressed on the adhesive after it was stuck on to a window envelope that came from the company stationery supply [look at the reversed impression of the inscription and logo on the envelope] seems to be the sole example recorded.