225713 - Durgapur

My Refugee Relief085

Asansol RMS, November 1971.

This type is found from all over the Damodar Valley industrial area, on Service as well as public mail. Seen off cover it could only be confused with a similar type from the Ahmedabad area in Gujarat. 

Metermark of the Mining and Allied Machineries Corporation, the adhesive paying the tax is cancelled at the ‘Heavy Engineering Plant’, Durgapur, 10 January 1972

CMERI 205wbb

Government Service use of the same adhesive, by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, on Mahatma Gandhi Avenue. Self-sufficiency, though not especially in heavy engineering, was always close to the Mahatma’s heart. 

MG Avenue 225wb

A fine strike of the Mahatma Gandhi Avenue Office, February 1972