205380 - Ahmedabad

These handstamps, imitations of the all-India provisional overprint, are found on the 5p Service stamp throughout Gujarat and must have been applied at the Gandhinagar Treasury. There is a variant with seriffed capitals, see 207387. They were used in November 1971 to the following February, and again at the end of the taxation period, in early 1973.

My Refugee Relief384

GPO Sorting, Girdhanagar Railway Crossing, Ahmedabad, December 1971. 

Bhavnagar 15 December 1972. 

This is a different handstamp, the Hindi is set higher on relation to the English. Only two have been seen, compared to dozens of the Service variant. The Bhavnagar example shows wrong use of the Refugee Relief design stamp to make up the postage charge of 20p.  No doubt this happened well away from the Post Office counter.