355ma - Nagpur


Nagpur Post Office

1st Day Cover showing young women at work. 

The adhesive was issued on 14 November but the tax was only able from the 15th. The cover was not addressed but cancelled at the post office for sale into the trade. But the Philatelic bureau taxed the cover and presumably passed the tax on to the final consumer. The bureau's hand stamp is also dated the 14th. If it is to be believed then this provisional issue is before the date of release. The handstamp was applied to the adhesive before it was stuck on the cover. See below.

Letter from the Tata Iron and Steel Company, Sukinda, Orissa. 

Note that the stationery used is similar to that used by the government for Service postal stationery. It bears stamps to values one rupee - for registration, and 40p, which would cover double the envelope postage rate - for extra weight. It was posted 12th of April 1972 so should bear the tax of 5p. It was reused by the Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur on 1 May. Note the economy slip, which saved the user finding a fresh envelope. This time, Service adhesives are used. The cover is properly taxed, but handstamp is applied onto the adhesive after it has been stuck to the envelope. This was probably done at the post office as it seems unlikely that the Bureau of Mines had a hand stamp that is exactly the same as the post office’s provisional design.

Reported by Herr Ahlers from Nagpur 22-11-71, Narkher 11-12-71, and an Experimental Office, N-385A, at Movad Tehsil-Katel, 3-1-72.