Roses Envelopes


When the inland airmail rate was raised to Rs 1.05,1 January 1984, the existing issue of Roses design was revalued. 

Uprated Rs 3 for use to UK, 1986

Experimental Office KA-1974, set up at Mirpur Burro, Thul District, Jacobabad

However, when the inland rate went to Rs 5.50, in November 1987, the Roses issue was revalued by a surcharge, of which there are several elements; two bars deleting the old value, the new value, ‘Rs.5.50’, a crescent moon with star, and a dot 5.5mm to its right. On this first printing all these elements are present. 

Copy of a surcharge from the first printing that was misaligned on the envelope and can thus be easily extracted 

F. Aleem Sundal and Rafiq Kasbati, whose amazing ‘Postal Stationery of Pakistan, 1947-1995’ is the book for these issues, tells us that there were three printings of these surcharges, and that in the latter two the dot, and the the star, are dropped. In further printing, the crescent and star are superimposed on a triangle of colourless ink. Why were these additions made to the surcharge? Why was red used for the surcharge when it is already used for the roses design?