Postcards of King George VI


When the new state was hurriedly born in 1947, there were no new stamps or stationery prepared. Philatelists have ever since tried to pick up the pieces from a time when people were on the move and the post was the way to keep in touch. Here are some of the provisional postcards that were used. 

Most of the adhesive stamps in use were overprinted PAKISTAN at the India Security Press, Nasik [now Nashik], Maharashtra.

India used in Pakistan

It was possible to use both the adhesive stamps and stationery of India in Pakistan for a short period after independence. 

card 6

Half anna reply card, brown-purple, reply half sent 17 October 1947 from (ms and cds) Drigh Road (Karachi), to Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan. The card was stamped with a Nashik overprint definitive to double the charge, to one anna, and labelled for airmail. We don’t know why the airmail labels were used. To do so would take the card out of the concessionary rate that postcards could use. The journey from Karachi to Rajasthan would now of course make this item foreign mail.  The Reply half was removed.

card 12.png

Half anna reply card, dull claret, outward half sent 7 October 1948 from (ms) Hajipur (cds) NORTH CACHAR, now Hazipur, Sylhet, Bangladesh, to Calcutta (boxed delivery mark). The card was underpaid, as the half anna rate had finished, but passed. The Reply half was removed and the relevant instructions to the user have been crossed out. 

India Half Anna Cards overprinted PAKISTAN

Postcards of India, printed by letterpress at Nashik, were overprinted there, bilingually, with the name of the new state. Issued 1 October 1947


Reply half sent 5 March 1948 from (ms and cds) Karachi, to Sikar, Jaipur.

card 15.png

Half anna reply card, reply half, dull claret 

Rate increase to nine pies, 1 April 1948

Uprating by adding adhesives

card 16

Half anna card, dull claret, sent 14 June 1949 from Karachi to Lahore. The card was uprated by 3 pies.

card 17.png

Half anna card, dull claret, sent 14 June1948 from Dhaka to Kolkata. The card was uprated by 1 anna 6 pies presumably to go into foreign post.

card 18.png

Half anna card, dull claret, sent 22 March 1948 from Chittagong to MADARSHA, a suburb now probably 4339 [Zip Code] - Madrasa, Bangladesh. The card was uprated by 4 annas, for registration for judicial use - 

Half anna cards overprinted PAKISTAN/SERVICE, for use by government departments, 1948-9

These cards were used at Lahore by the Railway, to send certain form letters

card 19.png


Lost Property Office

Here uprated by the Indian three pies Service adhesive with a local overprint, for the rise in postage of April 1948. 

card 20.png

Two different railway company cards, one with letterpress overprint on the front

card 1.png

General acknowledgement, 1949

card 3.png

Form CM-18, issued 1949 - Claim Management?

Half anna India Service cards overprinted PAKISTAN, 1948-9

Here uprated with the local Lahore-overprinted 'India Service' adhesive

These India Half Anna Cards had already been overprinted SERVICE at Nashik, in a shorter setting than that used for the PAKISTAN/SERVICE combined overprint.

card 21.png

 dull claret

Half anna India Service card handstamped PAKISTAN

Used 1948-9, at Peshawar and uprated with the local Lahore overprinted 'India Service adhesive. Different angles and strikes on blank cards

card 22.png
card 23.png
card 24.png

Handstamped at Lahore and uprated with the local Lahore overprinted 'India Service' adhesive

Different handstamp types and forms

card 25.png
card 27.png

card 8.png

Claim management, closing file

card 9.png

Claim management, damage report

Nine pies surcharges

There are two groups of surcharges, those on the existing half anna cards that had been overprinted PAKISTAN, and those that were applied to Indian half anna cards. 

Nine pies surcharge on Pakistan half anna

card 28.png

East Pakistan small seriffed type PC-10

Judicial use at Cox’s Bazaar, 1950. The card was registered six annas using the commemorative issue for the new legislature, but refused, ‘P/D’ [person disappeared’?] and returned to the court

Nine pies surcharge on India half anna

East Pakistan large seriffed type PC-7. 

This is listed by the S&K wrongly with the surcharges on their PC-1, the Nashik overprint of PAKISTAN. The Pakistan overprint is a smaller seriffed type found in East Pakistan. 

card 30.png

Judicial use at Raozan, 1948. The card was registered four annas, but refused, and returned to the court

Exceptionally, the surcharge can be found on Indian nine pies cards that had already been reduced to half anna by the handstamped surcharges of 1948. 

card 29

’HALF ANNA’ handstamped on Nine Pies India Service card, then overprinted PAKISTAN at Lahore and surcharged with a NINE PIES overprint

The nine pies rate could also be achieved by overprinting any remaining stock of the Indian Nine Pies wartime card of 1941. 

card 31.png

Judicial use at Chittagong, 1949. The card was registered five annas using the new definitive issue, but refused, ‘Decd’ [person deceased’?] and returned to the court