Mechanised Mail

Mechanised mailing 2

Who is interested in modern Indian postal markings?? I just hope a collector out there, perhaps in the sub-continent, has seen a marking like this rectangular datestamp, which reads [Hindi which looks like ‘Darrang’]/MECH. M?/9 7 85/DARRANG. It touches the 50p imprint. The adhesives are cancelled with bilingual datestamps of TANGLA/784521/9 7 85.  Tangla is a tiny place in the Himalayan foothills of Assam. Darrang is the District, and there was no such Office in 1985, although there are two POs in the District that share the name as a prefix.  

Query is, what does ‘MECH. M’ stand for? 

Mechanised Mailing, abbreviated, would fit the line with enough room for a Hindi version. Or something of about 18 characters in just English. ‘Mechanised Mailing’ is a term that has been used in the Post Office as it modernises its procedures. Is this an early reference to some kind of mail concentration centre that might cover the District’s rural Offices? I just have not seen a marking like it before. Is there a study group in India that looks at these markings? They can be quite ephemeral as procedures and technologies change.

Strangely, the sender has written the destination address, instead of his own, on the flap, and in Devanagari script; giving us some practice in transliteration. And he has called Bush House ‘Mash’ House, probably mis-heard. ‘Mash’, in England, is pureed cooked potato.