KALWARJA now Kalvarija 


Kalvarija developed rapidly when the new St. Petersburg–Warsaw road was built at the beginning of the 19th century, and 1916, Kalvarija had over 10,000 inhabitants; but most of the town was destroyed as the Germans departed. For a fascinating account of life there, from an emigrant, Israel Matz, see the jewish genealogy site.

It gives all the background to these tiny pieces.See also postal history details, for the period after the German withdrawal. 

Cards from Kalvarija show fragments of addresses in Lynn Massachusetts, Brooklyn New Jersey and Portland Maine, and a fragment of Yiddish type.

Kalvarija seems to be named after the site of Christ’s cruxificion, and certainly boasts a fine 19th century Catholic church. This card shows a small guard on the north-south route, a prominent but not I think Catholic church, and what looks like a bar. German-printed, 1915 or 1916. I would willingly thank the source of this image if I could find it!