Around the World

I have always collected stamps, and always been fascinated by maps and geography. I became focussed on India, and for near on ten years I edited the journal of the worldwide membership of the India Study Circle for Philately. More recently I have returned to an earlier aim, to collect the world.

That's too huge! How can you do it?

I'm going to tell you bit by bit. Partly as I'm not fully sure, partly as this isn't going to be a 'How to do it' site. 

First rule today, is 'When in doubt, randomise'. A lot of time is spent wondering, 'do I need this', 'will I carry on collecting this', 'what shall I concentrate on next?' I am sorting all my material into countries. All my material, including tax stamps, covers, postcards postmarks, into all the countries that we have right now. Then, when it's time to start a little project, such as setting up pages for a country, I start from what I'm sure about, that 'All the World's a Stage' - its all good, then I take the wonderful book 'The Stamp Atlas' by Stuart Rossiter and John Flower, and a random number generator. I pick a page from the Atlas by random, and off we go! Some of these countries can be pretty big, I have tackled Jordan, Bulgaria, and Chile so far. I may revisit them. 

What was the shake today?

On day one, Lady Luck settled on the Yemen. A country from which I have almost nothing. But which includes that first page in the traditional stamp album, Aden. But let us explore… viagra costo 5 mhz taking viagra your 20s is viagra covered by health insurance how much does viagra cost at duane reade viagra daily prescription jual viagra 20 mg can take 300 mg viagra viagra lilly brand online pharmacy generic viagra